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报告题目: AI Empowered Spatio-Temporal Data Mining for Smart City: Challenges, Solutions, and Applications



报告人:王森章副教授 南京航空航天大学

报告摘要:With the fast development of various positioning techniques such as Global Position System (GPS), mobile devices and remote sensing, spatio-temporal data generated in urban areas has become increasingly available nowadays. Mining valuable knowledge from spatio-temporal data is critically important for the better design of smart city related applications, such as human mobility monitoring, smart transportation, urban planning, public safety, and environmental management. As the number, volume and resolution of spatio-temporal datasets increase rapidly, traditional data mining methods, especially the statistics-based methods for dealing with such data are becoming overwhelmed. Recently, with the great success of AI techniques, especially deep learning based methods, various AI techniques have been widely applied in analyzing diverse spatio-temporal data generated in urban areas. In this talk, I will present our recent research on AI empowered spatio-temporal data mining. First, I will introduce the new challenges in applying AI techniques to address various spatio-temporal data mining tasks in general. Then I will summarize the AI empowered spatio-temporal data mining techniques as solutions to address them, followed by several examples illustrating how these solutions including both shallow and deep learning models can be utilized in the applications of demand-supply prediction in on-demand services, urban traffic prediction and urban crowd flow prediction. Finally, I will conclude the limitations of current research and point out future research directions.


王森章,南京航空航天大学副研究员。2016年博士毕业于北京航空航天大学。主要研究方向是社交网络分析、时空数据挖掘和图数据挖掘。 2013年至2015年,作为联合培养博士生在美国伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校访学。入选2017年度“香江学者”资助计划到香港理工大学学习。在社交网络中的信息传播建:驮げ、城市时空大数据挖掘、交通大数据分析、图表示学习等方面有比较深入的研究,并取得一系列研究成果。在数据挖掘、人工智能等领域的国际顶级或主流期刊会议发表论文90余篇,包括KDD、AAAI、IJCAI、SDM、CIKM、ICDM、ACM SIGSPATIAlGIS、IEEE TKDE、ACM TOIS、ACM TIST、KAIS、IEEE T-ITS、IEEE Trans. on Cybernetics等,撰写book chapter两章。主持包括国家自然科学基金青年基金、江苏省自然基金、腾讯“犀牛鸟”基金等在内的多项科研项目。王森章博士目前担任《智能科学与技术学报》和《计算机工程》编委,期刊ACM Transactions on Ingelligent Systems and Technology客座编委,先后30余次担任国际会议程序委员会委员,包括IJCAI、AAAI、ICDM、CIKM、IEEE Big Data、NDBC、DASFAA、PAKDD等。

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